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how to set up ? this is the big question. now adays  its goin harder to setup because in the  market there are several satellite receivers. i ll try to explain the interface of the most used receivers. if you want to watch at first you need to set the first channel as setup channel  and then your receiver will do setup action for it self.

at first to tv channels you should find a coaxial cable which cames from the sattellite dish and you need to connect it “In” port. be sure that you did not connect it to “loop”.

and then to set the hotbird tv channels find hdmi or coaxial cable depends on your receiver.

let the power on at sattellite.

press menu button and find settings or configure from its menu. and then there must be 2 things one of them is automaticly and the other is manual.

choose the auto config. and then you need to choose your satellite. there must be several satellites like hotbird, astra, turksat, bla bla..

to set up hotbird tv channels choose hotbird. when you choose it the signal must be more them “zero” the best option is more then “80 percent” but for some hotbird tv channels you can use it in lower signal ratios as %60. after makine auto config your channels will be active.

if you want to manually in our site there are ratios and settings. you can follow the link below.

for ex:

Nickelodeon Europe (Cyfra+, 11075 V) on Hotbird 13A (13° East)

choose manual config and then whire 11075 and choose vertical in 13 east satellite.


Search in Google : hotbird tv channels


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